Why you should compete at IBJJF Events

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By Andre Omena

Andre Omena Renato Tavares BJJ Association Competitor

I know I am quite new to the sport but I am doing my best to train and compete as much as i can.

Motivated by Master Renato Tavares, Piet and Kentric Coleman I decided to compete at the Pan Ams 2012 in Irvine,Ca.

I have to say that this trip has exceeded all my expectations and left nothing behind.

After competing on several tournaments, 5 last year, the Pan Ams organization is just on another league comparing to the small tournaments. The IBJJF(International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) keeps a very tight schedule so the athletes don’t have to wait hours and hours to compete as on other tournaments.
The GI inspection and weight check is pin point to minimize cheating.

Of course every event has it’s downfalls but as far as my experience is concerned the IBJJF  is the highest level tournament for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Other than that it was amazing to get to know other members from the RTBJJA, competitors and coaches, and getting to know Master Renato Tavares better.
Not only did it help getting to know other members from RTBJJA, it created a better bond between the Association Members.

Renato Tavares BJJ Association compete at Pan Ams 2012 Renato Tavares BJJ Association compete at Pan Ams 2012

I do not regret any thing about deciding to go on this trip and I now support my teammates to compete on the high level tournaments more(Pan Ams, world and IBJJF opens).

This trip just made me more eager to train and compete more and spend more time with my RTBJJA teammates!

So if you have been thinking about competing in a IBJJF Tournament, GO FOR IT.  Don’t waste time thinking about it, use that time for more training.


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