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Seminar at Triton Fight Center in Tulsa Oklahoma


This past weekend I traveled to  Tulsa, Oklahoma for a RT Seminar at Triton Fight Center with Owner and Black Belt Professor Piet Wilhelm.

The Seminar started Friday night with a Special Class. As many of  you know or maybe don’t know, I always like to start off the weekend

Seminars with Special Classes on Friday evenings.  They are usually some new moves that I am eager and excited to teach.  This past Friday night we went over Berimbolo and Berimbonado for 1 hour and a half.  I showed a lot new movements that were developed in the last couple months. Their were about  40 students on the mat and we all had a blast learning the newest movements.

Saturday with more then 60 students on the mat, I went over Guard Pass drills to Teach the Basic Motions.   After the students got the basics down, we started doing a De La Riva guard Pass, Butterfly Pass and other different Passes.

With full house Professor Piet Wilhelm, owner of a incredible facility, ended the Seminar giving all participants a Seminar certificate,  Strips for at least 12 student and Promoted more then 15 students in all different levels.  It was awesome!

And before the Grand Finale,  Piet Wilhelm gave to professor Tommy Wales and myself  plaques to celebrate the end of a awesome Seminar.

It was amazing to see Piet Wilhelm’s student’s dedication.
They were hungry to learn, respectful and every one was using the patches in the right place.

I hope all schools follow the association rules and regulations as well as what was displayed here today!!

Thanks Professor Piet Wilhelm for an awesome Seminar and Professor Tommy Wales for driving 12 hours to support this event.

Check out the pics from the Seminar….



~Renato Tavares


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