Summer 2015 ATT Vero Beach Martial Arts BJJ Seminar and Belt Promotion

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American Top Team Vero Beach Martial Arts

This past weekend, 12 black belts and 118 students converged on American Top Team Vero Beach for the June Belt Ceremony and Seminar. This is the second such event and has been the biggest so far . Blackbelts in attendance were Master Renato Tavares Black Belt from Grand Master Carlson Gracie, and Professors Vinicius Gahyva, Marcelo Menezes, Tommy Wales, Igor Almeida, Mike Budnik, Joel Garcia, Mike Wester, Justin Bounauito, Oscar Cardona, Andy Stock, and Elwil Acevedo. Students in attendance traveled from various parts of Florida and Georgia.

BJJ seminar and belt promotion summer 2015 at ATTVB

5th Degree Blackbelt Master Renato Tavares started off the celebration with a brief talk about the reason for the ceremony and the importance of creating a non political environment so that Jiu Jitsu can grow and be shared by all individuals regardless of the team affiliation. He also spoke about his philosophy of how Jiu Jitsu can make you a better person on and off of the mats.

Master Renato then introduced all of the blackbelts in attendance and had many of them demonstrate a technique. Student were given the opportunity to practice each technique while the 12 blackbelts assisted with any problems. This went on for approximately 2 hours with 7 techniques being shared by the various blackbelts.

BJJ seminar and belt promotion summer 2015 at ATTVB

After a short break it was time for promotions. Two special promotions kicked off the celebration. Master Renato Tavares promoted Professor Marcelo Menezes to 4th degree and Professor Igor Almeida to 2nd degree. After these promotions, all of the Blackbelts had the opportunity to present their students with the stripes or belts that they had earned over the last six months .

After the promotions, each Blackbelt took the opportunity to speak to the students. Many heartfelt and inspirational stories were shared. This made the day that much more special.

The ceremony concluded and all were invited to eat and drink together. An amazing buffet was provided by 14 bones and jimmy johns who had each sponsored the event . Many family members of the students were there and helped expedite the serving of food. Everyone was gathered in the academy at the end, laughing and enjoying and truly living the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle.

ATT Vero Beach Summer 2015 Seminar and Belt Promotion

The next Belt Promotion event is scheduled for December 12th, 2015.