RTBJJA Seminar on Knee Control, Knee to Stomach Attacks and more

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The Seminar this weekend in Oklahoma was a great success. More then 30 people came to learn side control, knee to stomach attacks and take the back from different spots. And Piet and his group drove 4 hours to enjoy this seminar.

Renato Tavares Seminar on Knee Side Control in Oklahoma

During the 4 hours of seminar, every one was ready to learn and this made the seminar go by so fast.   The first part of the seminar we worked  on  side control,   knee on the stomach and then chokes submissions. We also worked on different options of these if you can maintain the control or if you opponent tries to escape.

Renato Tavares Seminar on Knee Control in Oklahoma

The second part of the Seminar,  we worked on going to the back from close guard, open guard, turtle position and half guard on the top.

Renato Tavares Seminar on Knee Control in Oklahoma

We had around 9 girls on the mat and this showed how the BJJ for women is growing in the nation.

Women's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is growing in the US

A Big THANKS to  Kentrick Coleman and Piet Wilhelm for the support to make this seminar another great and enjoyable experience.

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