Pan Am Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2012

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Pan Americans BJJ 2012 in Irvine California

For the 3rd year Renato Tavares BJJ Association has competed at the biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament in the world: Pan Americans BJJ.

The first year we competed with just 4 competitors. Last year the group grew to 11 and in 2012 we had almost 30 competitors.
Competitors from Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, Maryland and Kentucky came to represent RTBJJA and proved we are headed to the top!
We brought home 11 medals and 2 of those were from absolute divisions, thus showing we are not just good in the division but over all in great in Belt Ranking.
On the first day we had competitors from the White and Blue belt division compete and receive the first 3 medals for RTBJJA.  First medal was won by Justin Court:  White – Master – Male Light-Feather. Justin had a great performance.  He brought the first medal for the RTBJJA. and that was a GOLD Medal.

A couple hours later Angel Ledesma and O’Brian Morales competed and both received a medal bringing our total to 3 Medals on the first day of Pan Am BJJ 2012.

On the Second day another 2 medals were won by Melissa Bentley.  She did 6 matches and got bronze in her division and second in  Absolute.

The 3rd day of the Pan Ams 5 more medals were won.  In the  purple belt division, Mike Weston fought twice and received a third place medal, David Bennett was on the mat for 5 times and placed 3rd in his weight class and second  in the Absolute division.

Then it was time for the brown and black belts to compete.  We had 5 on the mat fighting: Renato Tavares, Marcelo Menezes, Ethan Day, Piet Wilhelm and Fred Ramie. All represented RT Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association very well and 2 more medals were won. Renato and Marcelo got to the podium and moved RTBJJA’s total Medals to 9.

On the Last day we had one more competitor. Clayton Robinson competed at brown belt division and won his 3 first matches and lost in a very good fight for the champion of the division.
Renato Tavares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association showed a huge growth from last year and next year we will be back with more competitors and will be ready to bring home more medals.
A HUGE THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS  to All competitors, coaches and students that helped the team grow and represent RTBJJA so well.

Check out the pictures!!


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