Master Renato Tavares gets Promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt

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On August 4th 2011 after having his black belt for 15 years Master Renato Tavares received his 5th degree black belt.


Master Ricardo Liborio promoted Renato Tavares to 5th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Congratulations to Master Renato Tavares receiving his 5th degree Black Belt in BJJ from Master Ricardo Liborio


Last Thursday morning Renato Tavares went down to Coconut Creek, FL to train with some of his old teammates from American Team Team Main Academy.

He wanted to get one last hard training in before competing in the Florida state BJJ Championships.

Little did he know that Master Ricardo Liborio was waiting for his arrival to promote him to 5th degree. Liborio had Renato’s 5th degree black belt hidden in his Gi (the same trick that Renato does when he promotes). Needless to say Renato was very surprised. 

The weekend following the promotion Renato competed in the state championships and won! It was a great weekend for our Professor!

Congratulations Master Renato Tavares!!!

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