How to Prepare and Cut Weight for a BJJ Tournament


In this video, I explain to you how I lose weight for my BJJ Tournaments from 4 weeks out. I will go over how I lose 5lbs, 10lbs and 15lbs in 4 weeks. Right now I am preparing for Pan Ams 2013 and need to lose 10lbs.

Follow this Cutting Weight for your BJJ Tournament Video Series.

Week 1: Cardio and Diet Plan. Tips on how to Lose Weight

Week 2: Cardio, Diet, Motivation and Staying on Track

Week 3: TBA

Week 4: The Secrets of Cutting Weight the Day of the Tournament Without Diet or Exercise

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Stay Tuned for Week 3 of the Video Series
Stay Tuned for Week 4 of the Video Series [/tab4


Different Cardio Workouts I add to my Training when preparing for a Tournament:

1. Do 2-3 Sets of these for 30-45 minutes at a high intensity

  • Row Machine: 5 min
  • Run: 5 min
  • Bike: 5 min

2. Drilling with a partner 45 minutes (not only will you burn calories you will be practicing and improving your technique at the same time:


3. Riding a bike from your house to the academy if it is about 30-50 minutes away OR Riding a bike anywhere for 30-50 min.


4. Circuit Training: 10 stations 1 min each for 30-45 min.

Print out the Worksheet to Record your workouts and Food Intake….