How to Lose Weight and Prepare for a BJJ Tournament

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In this Video Series,

I explain to you how I lose weight for my BJJ Tournaments from 4 weeks out.  I will go over how I lose 5lbs, 10lbs and 15lbs in 4 weeks.


Follow this Video Series: Cutting Weight For Your BJJ Tournament.


Week 1: Cardio and Diet Plan.  Tips on how to Lose Weight


Week 2: Cardio, Diet, Motivation and 2 Weeks Out: Practice Competition Day


Week 3:

Make sure you are on track with your weight. What to do if you are not on track and how to improve your technique and prepare yourself for the matches ahead.


Week 4: Preparing yourself the Days before the Event.


+Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and Diet: Learn More About Body BY Vi 

+Cardio Workouts

Here are some Cardio Workouts I add to my Training when Preparing for a BJJ Tournament

1.  Do 2-3 Sets of these for 30-45 minutes at a high intensity

  • Row Machine: 5 min
  • Run: 5 min
  • Bike: 5 min

2.  Drilling with a partner 45 minutes (not only will you burn calories you will be practicing and improving your technique at the same time:

Drills Shown:

  1. Side to Side
  2. Knee Slide Pass: Shin across the Thigh
  3. Knee Slide Pass: Shin across the Thigh Switching Hips
  4. Knee on Stomach
  5. Leg Drag


b. Another Option for Drills with a Partner:

c. This BJJ Drills with a Partner video will help you keep score and push hard to keep up with points in your matches. This drill will also help with improving your anaerobic conditioning, technique and cardio. Try it out!

3. Riding a bike from your house to the academy if it is about 30-50 minutes away OR Riding a bike anywhere for 30-50 min.


4. Circuit Training: 10 stations 1 min each for 30-45 min.




Print out the Worksheet to Record your workouts and Food Intake….

Print Workout / Diet Log Worksheet


Print out the Worksheet for your Practice Competition Day:

Practice Competition Day Worksheet



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