Guard Fundamentals Session 3

How to Move your Body, Control your Opponent and Set up the Next Move Before Attack

I hope you learned a lot from the 1st Session and 2nd Session of Guard Fundamentals.

In Session 3, I will demonstrate how to use the information you learned in Session 1 and Session 2 to practice these fundamentals.


The Videos below will show you how to do the drills with and without a partner. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions about the videos:


The first video is a Side to Side Exercise using your belt. Perform this exercise for 1 min, then go on to the next Exercise.



The second exercise is leg control guard to set up guards and controls:

moving the leg outside over and hook inside the belt.

Click below to play the video.

Do this exercise for 1 min, then proceed to the 3rd video.


After you have done the first two Exercises for a min, continue to do the 3rd Exercise below for a min.

In this Exercise you will practice on footwork with a belt to set up different guards tike, De La Riva guard, Berimbolo, etc.

The footwork is as follows: foot up, over, around and hook on belt, then continue with opposite foot.

Do this exercise for 1 min and then continue on to Exercise #4

For your 4th Exercise you will be doing a different footwork for 1 min.

In this Exercise you will practice on footwork with a belt to help you to set up sweeps, go to the Deep Half, and more.

The footwork is as follows using a belt: Foot out, step on the ground, move body up and come back into position.

Check out the video for full description.

This exercise will be done for 1 min and then continue on to the Final Drill #5 which combines the 4 exercises to improve your footwork techniques.


In this video Drills from 1-4 are combined into one Drill to sharpen your technique. Do this drill 3 times for 1 min.

Stay Tuned for more Videos tomorrow.

Thanks for watching and e-mail me with any questions: