Grand Opening at Cocoa Beach BJJ Club

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Grand Opening of Cocoa Beach BJJ Club

Cocoa Beach Seminar


Saturday June 22nd we had a Grand Opening of  the Cocoa Beach BJJ Club, a new RTBJJA School.

This event was a very successfully,  students from four other RTBJJA schools traveled to the event to participate in the seminar and training session.
During the seminar we went over different positions and all of students had the opportunity to train with different people and were able to learn,  improve and share their own style of BJJ.

The best part of the seminar was when coaches Ron and Patrick got promoted to purple belt after being blue belts for over 4 years.  They were able to move to the next level in front of all the students which made everyone fired up and motivated to learn and grow more and more in the bjj lifestyle.
Congratulation Coaches Ron and Patrick of Cocoa Beach BJJ Club for their new location and their next step in the  journey to their Black Belt.

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