Grand Opening at Cleveland MMA

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The Grand Opening at Cleveland MMA was a Big Success

Cleveland MMA RTBJJA Seminar

This weekend my friend Tommy Wales did his grand opening and invited me , Piet Wilhelm and Jason Kenton to do a Seminar for the current members and School affiliates Friday night.  We had more then 50 people on the mat learning great techniques.

Jason started the seminar showing a guard pass and guard passes going to the back.  His game is about pressure and control and you can see in the seminar video that he explains about his controlling.

Then Piet showed a great armbar set up with some options that you can see on his video.

Everyone had a good time and left with a lot of knew techniques and knowledge in their pocket.

In my part of the seminar we did a lot of close guard attacks: Armbar, omoplata and choke from omoplata.

Saturday we did a 3 hour seminar that was open to the  public.
The first hour their was a Muay Thai seminar with more then 40 people on the mat to learn the basic stand up movements.

The second hour was an Adults BJJ Seminar with over 50 people and 27 of them were beginners.  I worked the first 30 min of the seminar showing a self defense basic motion for those new students showing them that BJJ is a great for protection and self defense.
Piet did the second part of the seminar and show the sport part of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He went over an armbar from the mount and some top control.

The last hour was a kids seminar with 24 kids on the mat, I showed the kids break falls, sequence of spraws, double leg takedowns and escapes.  This kept the kids active for the whole hour.
By the end of the day the event turned out to be a big success.  Tommy ended the day with over 15 new students that were able to understand that Muay Thai and BJJ are for everyone and that you don’t need to be in shape to start out.  The training will teach them and get them in great shape the at the same time.

This Grand Opening at Cleveland MMA was a Great opportunity to show the martial art lifestyle!!!

Grand Opening at Cleveland MMA

Thank you Piet and Jason for coming and sharing your knowledge and support with everyone at this amazing event!