RT Seminar at Flagler Bushido Club

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Renato Tavares Seminar at Flagler Bushido Club

Flagler Bushido Club in Flagler Beach, Fl

On Sunday May 27th Flagler Bushido Club hosted a seminar with Master Renato Tavares. We did 1 hour in the Gi for children where the turnout was good with 6 kids training. Professor Tavares covered some standing guard passes and a great way to apply the Americana with less effort than our traditional way. He then took time to roll with each child individually and offer constructive criticism on how to improve their game. He also code named some techniques for them so they can use top secret ninja skills in upcoming competitions. All the kids have asked several times in the last week when he will be back as they had an incredible time where they all had fun and learned some new Jiu Jitsu techniques!

After the kids were finished Master Tavares did an hour of Gi BJJ with the adults, along with a Q & A on the Gi.  Everyone was fascinated to learn directly from someone of Renato’s caliber. He then did 1 hour of NoGi, some MMA specific techniques and drills for our fighters who have fights coming up. Everyone was left hungry for more and inspired to make the trip to Vero more often so they can learn more from the Master.

All in all it was a fantastic day of new friendships being built, new techniques being taught, and tips from a true BJJ professional being shared. To top it off… all this took place at Flagler Bushido Club’s beachfront training facility during our first named storm on the east coast “Tropical Storm Beryl” howling outside!

On June 8th Flagler Bushido Club will be proud to represent Master Tavares and the Renato Tavares Association when 7 of our amateur fighters will step in the cage for Breakthrough MMA’s “Proving Ground 4” at the Plaza Spa & Resort in Daytona Beach, Fl.


Check out the pics:


Written By:  Reese Hall of  Flagler Bushido Club in Flagler Beach, FL

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