Dallas Open 2012, A day to remember forever!!

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Dallas Open 2012, A day I will never forget!

RTBJJA with their Dallas Open 2012 Trophies

The Big day started shinning 3 weeks before the actual competition day. I went online to check the number of athletes from the association that had registered and I compared the total with the other teams registered.  I saw that we had the same number of athletes registered as the other teams and had a chance to be Top 3 at the event.
I messaged Piet Wilhelm right away, saying “Piet, I saw the number of the competitors of Alliance, Nova Uniao and Lovato and we have almost the same. Let’s contact the other coaches. We can do this”
That same day we posted on FB recruiting students from the association to compete. I spoke with Fred and Ethan, 2 Black belts from the association,  Suraj from ATT Vero Beach and Andre from AMA,  Kentric’s School. That time we had around 21 competitors. Three weeks later we doubled our competitors to 41 athletes that registered for the Dallas Open 2012.
Piet and I were very excited to have a team with chances to win the a trophy from IBJJF.


The Dallas Open 2012 first day:

The day started with the kids doing an amazing job. We got a lot of first and second places.
After that it was time for the adults, Master and Seniors to compete. Match after mach we tried to kept the points in mind. Teens, women, adults, master, seniors. Everyone put their heart and blood on the mat.  We moved around the arena supporting every one that was competing. Cheering and screaming to make sure they had a Team behind them.
But there were so many competitors and we needed be ready for the black belt divisions and we lost the total count.
We still had some students competing when the Black Belt division started. Ethan was the first to step on the mat. He had a great fight, but lost on the last 10 second for one advantage.

After that it was time for Piet, at the final he had a battle but could beat his opponent and he finished in 2nd and got 3 more points for the Association.
Then was my time to step on the mat for my final match. The fight started, I pulled guard, did some sweeps , mounted, and attacked the neck. My opponent defended and I went to a wrist lock and finished the fight.
Next it was time for Fred to  compete. He had a great fight and he beat his opponent by points.
At the end of the regular black belt division we had 127 points, but we knew we had to do good on the Absolute division.
First to compete was Piet, getting to the final again he fought hard but lost in a really good fight.
Ethan was eliminated at the first round of the Master division, and I moved to the second round. At the semi final I competed against a competitor from heavy weight division, 30 pounds heavier. During the whole fight, I fought to get a good position and 30 seconds to the end I was able to sweep and control my opponent on the ground and moved on to the final.
At the same time Fred did his first fight, he won by points and moved on to the final too.
Fred went to the final when I was waiting for my final match.  His opponent pulled guard, Fred controlled the situation, passed  and submitted his opponent using a wrist lock. Fred brought another 1st place to the association.
Almost the last fight of the tournament was my final. Competing against a guy from the same team of my semi final.  My opponent made the fight very slow.  I was trying get my control and he was trying to neutralize my game.

After a penalty for both competitors the fight was still going in slow motion. During the last 40 seconds of the fight my opponent had good control but didn’t progress for any moves. Due to this the referee finished the mat and gave my opponent another penalty and 2 points for me. With those 2 points came the victory of my absolute division.
At that point we had 148 points. A good number but we not sure if was enough to make it to the Top 3.
There were teams there like Lovato’s, Nova Uniao, Gracie Barra and Alliance.   All big teams with great competitors.
I just had gotten my medal from the Absolute division and was talking with Ethan and Piet about how good the day was when they called us up to the podium. We just got second place at the kids division. I was so happy, I had no idea the trophy was for the kids:)
We started to celebrate the first trophy for the association when they called us again. I looked Piet and I couldn’t believe. We got another trophy from IBJJF. 2 in one day.
What amazing feeling!  I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or smile.
I compared the feeling I had there, almost with the feeling when I got my Black Belt, but with a great feeling of a dream come true.
When you get your Black Belt is just you, is great but nothing compared  when you have a Team, something you work hard to created, a team you see grow everyday,  Going to a IBJJF event and bringing home a trophy, that show me we are doing a great thing and are going in the right direction.
I want to say a BIG Thanks to every one who competed, everyone who helped the team get ready.  Also a HUGE Thanks to all coaches for the hard work they have been doing to make this happen.  All of you make me so proud!!!

~Renato Tavares

Pictures by Mike

Pictures taken by  Mike Calimars at TXMMA.com  & Abby Malone at AbbySnaps.com & Piet Wilhelm’s Triton Fight Center

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