Blue Belt Curriculum

Blue Belt Curriculum

Blue Belt Test

Blue Belt Curriculum Introduction Video



 Takedown Curriculum Video
 3 Judo
 2 Wrestling




 Sweeps Curriculum Video
 2 Closed Guard
 All Sweep Videos
 4 Open Guard
  1 Open Guard (spider)
  1 Open Guard (Butterfly)
  1 Open Guard (x-guard)
  1 Open Guard (half Guard)

 Guard Passes



 Guard Passes Curriculum Video
 3 Closed Guard
 2 Closed Guard  All Guard Pass Videos
 1 Close Standup
3 Open Guard
  1 Spider
  1 Butterfly
  1 Half

 Submissions from Top



 Submissions from the Top Curriculum Video
 3 Mount
 2 Side Control  All Submissions from the Top Videos
 1 North/South
 1 Knee on Stomach
1 Half Guard

 Submissions from Bottom



 Submissions from the Bottom Curriculum Video
 3 Closed Guard
All Submissions from the Bottom Videos
2 Open Guard



 Escapes Curriculum Video
 2 Mount
 All Escapes Videos
2 Back w/ Hooks
2 Side Control
1 Knee on Stomach

 Defenses from Guard



 Defenses from Guard Curriculum Video
 1 Omplata  All Defenses
 1 Armbar
  1 Triangle

 Defenses From Mount



 Defenses from the Mount Curriculum Video
 1 Armbar
 1 Choke All Defenses
  1 Americana

 Combination from the Bottom



 Combinations Video
 1 Submissions
  1 Submissions + sweep

 Combinations from the Top


 1 Sweep + Pass
 1 Sweep + Submission
 1 Pass Guard + Submission
 1 Pass Guard to Mount
 1 Pass Guard + Submission