Profile of a Competitor: Victoria Douglas

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Victoria Douglas Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Female Competitor of Renato Tavares BJJ Association

Piet Wilhelm (Triton Fight Center) and Victoria Douglas

I became a member of the Renato Tavares association through TRITON FIGHT CENTER on 12/29/2009.

I decided to join the women’s class with Summer Wilhelm to get in shape.   Jiu-jitsu was amazing because it made me exercise just by practicing and drilling.

In February of 2010 I competed in my first NAGA tournament weighing in at 188 lbs.   I cam home with gold in gi and silver in nogi novice. After this win, I realized I could get hooked on competing, and my experience lead me to work harder to prepare for the next event. I competed in naga Chicago in march with my son. There I took gold in nogi and silver in gi as a beginner.

Victoria Douglas with Son at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Naga Tournament

In May 2010, I returned to NAGA Dallas to compete as beginner taking gold and silver again. I had a pivotal match against a much heavier opponent, and I decided that I must go down a weight class rather than be “squished” again for 4 long minutes of struggle and frustration.

I returned to Triton Fight Center and began doing classes with the guys in addition to the female class. With diet and exercise, I dropped to 156 for the next naga in august 2010. I was able to win gold in beginner masters gi, beginner open gi, and beginner open nogi.

Coach Piet encouraged everyone to compete in the Miami open, and I threw my name in the hat. What a difference there is between IBJJF and NAGA! I had two matches, lost one, won one to take silver. In November 2010, I competed in small tournament in Dallas to take Gold in Gi. I blew out my knee during the match, and sitting out for 8 weeks was torture.

I was promoted by Renato Tavares and Piet Wilhelm to green belt on December 11, 2010. Piet awarded me with most competitive female of the year for TRITON FIGHT CENTER.

I sat out for the next two events to let my knee heal. My first competition of 2011 was the Houston open in February were I took gold by winning my only match by points.

Naga St Louis in March was quite an experience, as I didn’t have anyone in my skill level and weight. They put me in advanced nogi were I lost both matches by points. Then when gi came around I found out I had fought a brown belt 4 stripes during nogi!! I had to face her in the brown belt division of gi. When the ref explained that toe holds and heel hooks were legal, my eyes about popped out! I was still a green belt. Well I didn’t win of course, but I survived without being submitted. I took third in nogi and didn’t place in gi.

May 8, 2011 was a very special day for me: I was promoted to blue belt on the award podium after winning my match by armbar at the Dallas open.

I am currently growing into my blue belt. My last test was at Europa in Dallas on August 13th were I went against other blue belts in gi and nogi. I had 4 matches, and won just one of them. I still have much to learn, and I am so grateful to have the coaches and teammates at TRITON that make my successes possible. Jiu jitsu has changed my life so much. Triton has become family. I feel great loyalty and pride for my school, and I HIGHLY recommend jiu jitsu to everyone. It really is a lifestyle. I’ve learned so much more than technique from my mentors. I am blessed to have been able to compete so much. I am passionate about jiu jitsu and competing. I absolutely love it, and Im looking forward to many years ahead.

~Victoria Douglas

Blue Belt at Triton Fight Center in Tulsa, OK


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