Chicago Open and RTBJJA Seminar

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Last weekend Renato Tavares  went to Chicago with two things in mind:

  1. Compete at Chicago Winter Open and
  2. Do a seminar at Triton MMA Center in Woodstock, IL.

Chicago BJJ Open 2012Woodstock, Il

    Saturday Tavares arrived at the arena with Suraj Budhram, a Blue Belt from ATT Vero Beach, and meet up with Dustin Martin from Triton fight center and Chad Hardy from Derby City MMA to compete in the Chicago Winter Open Event to represent RTBJJA.


Suraj was the first to compete and won 2 matches taking him to the semi final. In the semi final he did really good, but with a slight mistake, Suraj lost the chance to go to the final.


    After that it was time for Chad to compete. Chad brought his A game in and won his 3 matches, taking home the title in his blue belt division.


Third to competed was Dustin. Dustin was 3 for 3 winning with 3 submissions and bringing home another title to RTBJJA on the Master Blue Belt Division.


After watching the competitors the team represent the Association so well, Renato stepped on the mat to start competing in his division.  The first match he won by advantage.  Renato’s second match was a great fight.  A battle for inches and control made this fight a chess game. One minute to the end of the match his opponent almost got a reversal and soon the match started again.  Renato did a takedown defended by his opponent. With no points and advantage on the score, the referee gave the fight to Tavares for having a better offensive game then his opponent during the fight, thus giving Tavares the opportunity to go to the podium for his first gold medal.


   After almost 3 hours Renato was ready to come back to the mat, now for the Absolute division.
   His first match was again his first opponent for his weight division. This time the fight went different, as soon the match started his opponent pulled a half guard. With gi control Renato worked to pass, control and started to go for the lapel choke.  This is  how the match was brought to an end in 3 minutes and 15 seconds.


  On the final match, Giulio Timoteo a team mate from old times at Carlson Gracie school opened(forfieted match out of respect) for Renato won his second gold medal of the day.


   Great RTBJJA team representation: 5 guys,  gold medals and 1 bronze medals


RTBJJA Chicago BJJ Open 2012  Renato Tavares takes home two Golds at the Chicago BJJ Open 2012


But the trip didn’t finished there.


The next day Renato went to Triton MMA Center to do a Seminar. Twenty-three  students attended and learned a lot of  good motions from half and deep half guard.


Renato Tavares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar in Woodstock, Il


After 3 hours into the Seminar Piet Wilhelm, Black Belt under Tavares, promoted Rock Verrett to Brown Belt.  After the belt promotion we had an awesome open mat for another hour.


BJJ Belt Promotion by Piet Wiilhelm at RTBJJA Seminar in Woodstock, Il


   What a great weekend for Renato Tavares and his Association.


This upcoming weekend Renato will be in  Del City, OK for another seminar at Kentric Coleman’s school.


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