The Importance of BJJ Drills in Developing your Game

Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Drills, are a very important in developing your game.

In my many years in BJJ I have have seen a lot of competitors and most don’t give much credit to drills.

I’ve seen very talented people train, people that could complete a move in two or three tries after being taught that move.  Remember….this is NOT common.

Most people need to do drills over and over to get the technique.  Especially to master the fine details involved in the technique like weight distribution.

To be able to execute a position with good precision, a student needs to do it hundreds of times.  This is especially important with the lower ranking belts.

A lot of competitors put most of their time into training and not on drills.  You can get better by just training, but you’ll never learn how to use your techniques to the best of your abilities without drilling.

If you start to practice drills regularly you are going to start to see a big improvement in your game.


Because when you drill, you are going to start to see the little details.  You’re going to start to feel your body in that position and figure out how to make it work to the best of your advantage.

You’re going to be able to test your body position, balance, control, grips, feet and arm work.

Also, by drilling something over and over, you’re going to develop muscle memory. This means that you will see something and react instead of thinking about it and possibly lose the position.

Other things that drilling can do for you:

  • You will learn the movements in more detail
  • You will be able to create new ways to do a similar movement and see in other situations how the same movement can be applied.
  • You will be able to start to create counter movements and escapes to avoid someone using it on you.
  • You will increase the speed of your movements.
  • With the repetition, you’re going to be able to execute your technique with better timing by reacting faster.


If you drill for more then 20 minutes and start to use speed and some resistance, the drill will turn into a great workout. These kinds of sessions will help you control your cardio, stamina, and weight.

Start to do drills minimum 2 X per week and you’re going to see your game change.  If you do it more then 2 X per week, YOUR GAME will be taken to a whole new level!!!

Choose one person or a group that have the same goals as you, and start drilling NOW!!

Here are some examples of drilling.  Contact me with any questions you might have!

Remember…If you do it more then 2 X per week,  YOUR GAME will be taken to a whole new level!!!

Don’t forget:  Drilling in BJJ is repetitions of anything  you need improvement on in your BJJ Game.