BJJ Camps in Vero Beach

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We had a 2 big groups come to ATT Vero Beach to do summer camp sessions with us. One of the groups was from France and the other from Tennessee.
For the second year in a row the French guys came here to train for three days.
This year the group was about ten guys, they did the first session on Sunday morning and after that we went to South Beach in Vero for a BBQ to integrate the group to the ATT Vero Beach Students.

American Top Team Vero Beach BJJ Camp at a BBQ

It was a sunny day, with good waves and an awesome BBQ making the day super fun.


Monday at 10am we started with a 2 hour NoGi class with more than 20 people on the mat.

American Top Team Vero Beach BJJ Camp NoGi Class

We went over guillotines from every where: Half guard, guard, stand up…etc.
We took a little break to eat and rest.  Then at 5pm we did a hour of drilling and from 6pm to 8pm a BJJ session with a lot of foot locks.
Tuesday was the last day of the Camp and in the morning we had a break and time to enjoy the beach and finished the camp with a great BJJ session at night.


The following day the group from Tennessee arrived at night and right away jumped in for the night class.
Thursday morning and night bjj with tons of drills and training.

On Friday morning we did a NoGi class together with the ATT MMA group that made the session extra hard, the group was worn out and asked for the rest of the day off.
NoGI Training at American Top Team Vero Beach Camp

The camp is not just about training, it is about having a good time too.
Friday afternoon we all enjoyed the beach and that evening we went to Hurricane Grill for some wings and drinks.

American Top Team Vero Beach BJJ Camp at Hurricanes

Saturday the last day of Camp, we started with a 1 hour open mat training followed by an amazing Judo class with Sensei Sasaki that came a year ago from Japan and has been teaching at ATT Vero Beach.

American Top Team Vero Beach BJJ Camp Judo Class with Sensei Sasaki

Training with him moved everyone’s stand up game up a notch.
After this session the guys from Veritas and Cleveland MMA left tired but with a big smile and a desire to come back.

ATT Vero Beach always welcomes groups or single persons that want to come and train with us.
If you are interested in coming to ATT Vero Beach to train with us, bring or send a group please give us a call or e-mail me at:

~Renato Tavares