American Top Team Vero Beach Kids go to Pan Am 2012

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ATT Vero Beach Kids go to Pan Am


The 4th annual Pan Am Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu championship was this past weekend in Carson, Ca.  With more than 600 competitors from all over the world including Guam, Canada, South America and Europe it was certain to be an amazing day full of great fights.  The ages ranged from 4-16 with white/gray, yellow, orange and green belts ready to compete in each division.
ATT Vero Beach brought 5 competitors:  Kody Cook, Rowdy Cook, Jordan Cole, Sam Young and Treyton McCloed with ALL bringing home medals!  Kody competed Junior 3 and won both his fights on points 25-0 and 16-2!  Jordan and Rowdy both competed in the Teen 2 division in which both had great fights (Rowdy winning his first two and Jordan winning his first fight) which meant they would have to fight against each other in the finals.  Being great teammates they both decided to close to the bracket and both being winners.  Sam Young won his first match and fought hard but lost his second match to bring home silver.  Treyton fought two awesome fights and took home 3rd for the team bringing the team total points to 22!  All of the kids said they had an amazing experience and learned a lot from this prestigious tournament with goals to come back and bring more of the team to fight again next year!

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