A vision of a Blue belt in the journey to a Black Belt in BJJ

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A Journey Thus Far
By: Melissa Bentley

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Journey Being brand new to a sport like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you can either have absolutely no expectations or have a lot of them.

Having an open mind means no let downs, free thinking, learning and just overall fun!

Having a ton of expectations can lead to the feeling of failure, slow progression and will have a heavy impact on your choice to continue or quit.

To move forward and continue in a sport such as BJJ you have to have the drive within to challenge yourself in doing things you never thought possible.  You will need that internal drive to gain the confidence and desire to reach for the goals you have set for yourself.

As a white belt learning and soaking up every ounce of knowledge you can there comes a time when you define what the sport means to you.  And when you make that choice always remember to remain humble. If you have an ego you will learn very quickly that white belts don’t know it all, in fact you don’t know anything.  This is the time to grow, so embrace it!
So here we are, you stuck with it and you made it to the next level.  You look down and your old grayish/yellow white belt has suddenly turned bright blue!  Whether it took you 8 months or 3 years to get that belt the point is YOU did it and having that accomplishment means everything to you.

People that do not practice this art cannot understand the pride that goes along with tying a blue piece of fabric around your waist.

Hitting this point is a time for more growth, personally and within the sport.  But it’s a different growth, you know the basics and this is the time to better understand and expand on what you have already learned.

As a blue belt  you are molding into where you are going to take your game and also absorbing the teachings.  Let’s not forget you still have a lot to learn (and when I say a lot I mean A LOT).

I would like to reiterate the word humble.  The ability to be humble will play a huge role in your ability to learn and grow.  In addition with your own personal learning and training this is also the time to pay it forward and begin to help others.

Welcoming and accepting the challenge to help teach and be the best training partner you can be.

Another thing is the new found drive to reach different and new goals, big or small they are yours to go after.  So it may change from time to time with the highs and the lows, smiles and frustrations but you should always know that the journey continues.

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