7 Reasons to Eat Breakfast Everday

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Do you eat breakfast?

If not, you better start spending some time to eat your breakfast every morning!
The benefits of eating your breakfast before going to work, school or other activities far outweigh the time saved in skipping this meal and it also can help in weight loss.

Scrambled Eggs for a Healthy Breakfast to get your body going in the morning

Eating in the morning will make you more healthy, have more energy on a daily basis and have a better lifestyle.
Imagine your body as a car, without fuel it would be impossible to get around and go anywhere.

Here Are 7  Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast Every Morning

  1. Usually if you don’t eat breakfast in the morning, you tend to choose unhealthy foods later in the day and overeat at night. At night your body’s metabolism slows down, resulting in storing fat.  Eating breakfast helps maintain your weight.
  2. If your body does not receive the proper energy your productivity will decrease.  For kids is this is even more important, eating a health breakfast will increase their learning ability and memory functions on their school work.   Eating breakfast improves  attention, productivity, learning and memory function. 
  3. Skipping breakfast can increase weight gain. Eating breakfast regularly increases your metabolism, thereby increasing fat burning.  Eating breakfast helps to burn more calories and fat throughout the day!!
  4. Fasting and starving  yourself can cause irritability and fatigue.  Eating breakfast everyday makes you happy and more energetic!!
  5. People who don’t eat in the morning, usually cannot push themselves to work hard.  The workers who have the labor type job usually can’t work hard until after lunch. If you eat in the morning, you will have fuel to burn to work your hardest.  Eating breakfast will give you more energy, strength and endurance.
  6. Having  your breakfast in the morning consistently can decrease the risk of disease like high blood pressure, heart disease, Obesity and diabetes. Eating breakfast will make you healthier and have a better lifestyle.
  7. People who eat breakfast in the morning usually spend more time with family, kids or friends.  Eating breakfast helps you socialize more and enjoy quality time with the ones you care about!

Family Eating a Healthy Breakfast Together

 Now add breakfast to your daily schedule and you will notice the difference in your life and you will thank your body for it!!
Make sure you share this information with your family and friends to help more people feel better and become healthier!


Written by: Renato Tavares

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