2013 Masters & Seniors Worlds: The KCBJJ Experience

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2013 Masters Seniors IBJJF World Championships

Since coming to the US in 2012, the IBJJF Masters & Seniors Worlds has become a major focus of tournament preparation among a broad section of my crew. As with all tournaments, there is a concerted effort by the team to help prepare those planning to compete, but success at the Masters & Seniors has come to signify an important goal for many of my KCBJJ family members. With this added emphasis and enthusiasm, the overall level within the club is raised as we all participate in the preparation.
As we ready the crew for their pending competition, the focus within the training moves away from the accumulation of new technique, to a refinement of the existing game and the improvement of the competitor’s ability to perform under duress. We alternate between sessions of short-duration, high-intensity positional work, speed drills countered with pressure response, and match-specific rolling. While none of this is new among competitive clubs, I feel the sustained enthusiasm and intensity from my training partners is the key to positive results. Among this year’s results, we were fortunate enough to count two gold medals, a bronze, and truly great performances from every competitor we brought to the fray. As a coach, I couldn’t be more proud. As a friend, I am still pumped from the amazing display of technical prowess and measured intensity from my training partners.

Even in defeat, there was no failure. Every one of my students, whether they competed, or were among the support crew, becomes all the more proficient through the test of competition. Of course, those that stepped on the mats in Long Beach will gain the most from this experience, but a noticeable secondary effect of their growth is the elevated level that comes to the school following every competition.

I cannot begin to fully express the appreciation and respect I have for my KCBJJ family, from the regular competitors, the occasional challengers, and the roughnecks that back them all, I feel fortunate to an immeasurable degree to be surrounded by every last one of these weirdos.

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