2013 IBJJF Masters & Seniors World Championships

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The 2013 IBJJF Masters & Seniors World Championships:

The Triton Experience

Leading up to the Masters and Seniors Worlds 2013 Triton Fight Center had frequent visitors from another Renato Tavares Association academy (American Elite). For three months the members were making a 4-hour drive once a week to train with Professor Piet Wilhelm from Triton, who was also competing in the tournament.

Classes were strictly catered in preparation of the big tournament.  Each training session was an hour and a half long ranging from fundamentals to situations that an individual may experience from one position to the next.  The conduct of the class usually a 30 minute warm up that may consist of technique drills, mat drills, or conditioning.  Once that was over a new technique would be introduced then drilled for 15 minutes, hitting as many reps as possible. 45 minutes of live training would follow and class will end with a Q & A segment.

Although this was beneficially for the visitors from American Elite so was the opportunity for members of Triton to be able to experience different styles from another academy.

The end result at the tournament did not go unnoticed by the competitors who made the voyage every week.  They saw a growth in their Jiu-Jitsu game and their overall performance.  Mentally they were more prepared and their technique was sharper.

Prof. Wilhelm came up short in his opening round losing 5-2 to the champion from the IBJJF Asia Open. Although he was up on advantages and constantly looking for the finish with some slick submission such as a shin-on-shin and a paper cutter from half-guard, it still wasn’t enough to secure the victory.

As for the students, everyone walked away with a medal in their division. One of Triton’s standouts was Brown Belt Michael Brown who took silver in his division based on a referee decision and a gold medal in the open division.

Triton’s Students:

Mike Brown takes Silver and Bronze at 2013 IBJJF Masters & Seniors World Championship

Brown Belt – Mike Brown Silver and Bronze


Blue Belt – Wade Hutson Takes Bronze


Melanie Hutson takes Bronze at 2013 IBJJF Masters & Seniors World Championship

Melanie Hutson takes home a Bronze Medal


Chanda Vlanich takes Bronze at 2013 IBJJF Masters & Seniors World Championship

Chanda Vlanich takes home a Bronze Medal